John Francis is an American guitarist, composer and entrepreneur best known for his eclectic compositional style and use of extended range guitars. As a composer and arranger with over forty years of musical experience, John is comfortable with most styles. He has written and arranged music from Baroque to Blues, from Celtic to Rock, from Jazz to World Music and beyond. His primary emphasis has been the guitar in all its varieties, including multi-stringed instruments. His work has earned international praise among classical and fingerstyle guitar communities.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Francis is currently based in Wichita, Kansas. He teaches, performs and directs the Wichita Guitar Society. He is available for many types of performance engagements, concerts, workshops, corporate events and more. Programs vary from all original material to classical, jazz and pop repertoire. John is also available for consignments, arrangements, consultation, recording for film or television. Ask for details.

 “I enjoy writing and performing many styles and often blend the different elements together. From the simplest melody and rhythm, to the most complex harmony and counterpoint, I believe that music has the ability to captivate the spirit. For me, one of the most unique and important aspects of music is its ability to communicate, even without words. I try to express something genuine with each of my compositions.”

Newly Released Editions

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