The Antonio Loriente line was created by an international team of leading classical guitar experts, dealers, luthiers and performers whose combined efforts have yielded exemplary concert instruments. Handmade in Spain, these guitars incorporate the traditional building techniques of the great masters from the past (Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser, Santos Hernandez, etc.) with great attention to “modern” requirements of intonation, volume and balance. Materials are meticulously chosen to guarantee the finest quality of both sound and aesthetic. Each soundboard is hand-selected from only quarter-sawn wood which ensures stable, yet flexible and lightweight construction. This is done to provide maximum responsiveness, quality of tone, and ease of playability to the player. The result is a varied selection of models at incredibly affordable prices. All Loriente Guitars are shipped with a FREE Humicase Protege guitar case which extends their warranty to a lifetime limitted warranty.
loriente clarita guitar


MSRP $2,495

Loriente “Clarita” Classical Guitar (cedar or spruce top)

Clarita features marbled cherry wood binding, which is reminiscent of the simpler yet charming guitars of Domingo Esteso. Although less elaborate in detailing than the other models in the line, Clarita is a true concert guitar with great warmth, sustain and presence. Perfect for both the concert stage and recording studio. Spanish Cedar Top, Rosewood back and sides, Gold Plated Tuners. Scale length: 650mm. Width at nut: 52 mm.

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MSRP $2,705
Loriente “Carmen” Flamenco Guitar

An aggressive flamenco with quick attack and bite, Carmen has the gypsy flare of the great Barbero and Santos flamencos. Easy, low action and a very punchy sound make Carmen the ideal instrument for both accompanist and solo performer. Spruce Top, Cypress back and sides, Deluxe Gold Plated Tuners. Scale length: 650mm. Width at nut: 52 mm.

loriente marieta


MSRP $3,810

Loriente “Marieta” Classical Guitar

A step up from Clarita (in detailing and selection of materials), Marieta is a tribute to the second epoch of Torres. The spruce-top Marieta features either the classic meander-pattern in the rosette (shown) which was one of Torres’ more common motifs or a chain-link pattern (see photos of the cedar model). Sound is bold, clearly pronounced and very responsive to the touch. French Polished Spruce Top, lacquered Indian Rosewood Back & Sides, Deluxe Gold Plated Tuners. Scale length: 650mm. Width at nut: 52 mm.

loriente sofia guitar


MSRP $6,250

Loriente “Sofia” Classical Guitar

Identical to the Isabel in workmanship and detailing, the Sofia has beautiful, figured Brazilian rosewood for the back and sides. The tone is magnificent and rich, with plenty of volume for the concert artist. The Sofia is the answer to the discriminating performer seeking the absolute best in workmanship, materials and quality of tone. Spanish Cedar Top, Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, French Polish, Gold Plated Tuners. Scale length: 650mm. Width at nut: 52 mm.

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