2016: June 19: Happy Father’s Day!

“Father and Son” – Cat Stevens’ classic for solo guitar.

Father and Son for Solo Guitar

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2016: March 18: Bringing the Stage To You.

Booking house concerts and more. I have designed and built my own portable stage in order to take my music to a higher level.

2016: March 17: A chip off the old Blarney Stone for your holiday pleasure.

Castle of Dromore as performed by John Francis on solo classical guitar. Explore the ruins of this great Irish castle to the traditional tune associated with it.

2015: March 17: Hallelujah, Spring Is Upon Us!

My arrangement of Leonard Cohen’s classic piece is now on video.

2015: January 31: Cover Repertoire

Since I have become available for more and more types of solo performance engagements, I thought it would be nice to publish a list of some of the cover material that I have been known to play. While I enjoy performing my own original music at concerts, I also play for fine restaurants, country clubs, hotels, corporate events, senior centers, etc. Along with featured concert events, I play background music as the situation requires. Got a special holiday or anniversary in mind? Thinking of doing a house concert? I could be your man.


2015: January 30: Wide Assortment Of Bookings

As a composer, I enjoy performing original concerts. I also enjoy performing select arrangements for many types of engagements. I am performing several Valentines events this year.


I am available for many types of performance engagements, from concerts and workshops to weddings, corporate events, dinner music and more. Got a special holiday or anniversary in mind? Thinking of doing a house concert? Let me know. Programs vary from original material to classical, jazz and pop repertoire.

2014: December 6: Guitar Goods

Many great instruments are available. Take an extra 10 percent off of any guitar deal listed through the end of the year. I personally set up and test each and every instrument.


2014: November 23: New Digital Releases Available

Reasonably priced published editions have been added to the many free high resolution scores and lessons available.

pirouette-thumb wind-on-water-thmb gliding-thumb

2014: November 16: Music Clips: Blues, Bach, Beatles and Beyond

I invite everyone to take advantage of the many clips that I post on Instagram.
I can say a lot with my guitar within the fifteen second limit, often enough for a fine lesson.

My old love affair, the blues, just won't let me go… #bluesloveaffair

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2014: September 17: Beatles Programs!

I am now also offering a variety of Beatles programs with Solo Classical and Fingerstyle arrangements performed on nylon and steel string guitars. These programs range from a few pieces to a couple of full sets. Send me a message if you are interested in this, an original or other type of program.

2014: July 30:  Welcome!

I hope you will enjoy this newly launched version of JohnFrancisGuitar.Com – I am trying out some new features that I think you will like. The layout and design should make it easier to navigate and allow for more frequent updates. I expect to be expanding some areas such as the new area for scores which uses Scrib’d as for viewing and downloading digital sheet music. The video and music sections are much larger, but I can easily rearrange the selections. The photo section uses Flash, but there will soon be an alternative gallery for those browsers and devices that do not support it and an even more flashy option for those that would like even more bells and whistles.  An important consideration is the “responsiveness” of the site to other devices and browsers. This may take a little time to optimize for every device, but it already looks great in Puffin Browser if you are using and iPad and Android. I have also created a lighter mobile friendly version.
As always, I thank you for your support and look forward to hearing from you.
All the best,
John Francis

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